Wednesday Whoops! Oversized Outdoor Errors

Wednesday Whoops! is another new series that I’ll never run out of content for. Check out these gems from my local area.

Blog Trio Outdoor Signage.png

Here are my thoughts on this trio of Oversized Outdoor Errors:

  • I get it… Sometimes letters blow away or get jostled around on these large marquee signs. But wouldn’t you want to make sure they look their best; especially when you are trying to attract management personnel?
  • Perhaps those little plastic punctuation symbols are just crazy expensive, so companies don’t buy the necessary apostrophes or question marks.
  • And YES, I do feel rather SPECIAL when I receive flowers, but changing the way the word is spelled to indicate voice inflection is just odd to me! 😉

Check out my Hold Your Horses post for tips on how to avoid making simple writing mistakes. And YES these tips still apply to huge outdoor advertisements; case in point above!

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