Do you hear SIRENS?

This week marks both Severe Weather Preparedness Week and Flood Safety Preparedness Week in the State of Indiana. Click here to learn about awareness events for your State (if you live in another State).

Did you know that Indiana had 35 tornados in 2016?

For Hoosiers, two Statewide Tornado Drills will be executed by the National Weather Service on Tuesday March 21st. The outdoor warning sirens will be activated and the test will also broadcast over NOAA weather radios. The tests will take place twice during the day to allow both businesses and families to practice preparedness.

The sirens will be tested at:

  • 10:15am
  • 7:35pm

Click here for additional Tornado facts including understanding the difference between a Tornado Watch and a Tornado Warning.

Stay safe and be sure to practice your severe weather plan at your place of employment and with your family.



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