Designated Safe Place

What is a Designated Safe Place?
A safe place is somewhere you would go in time of emergency. It may also be called a Shelter in Place location. You may need to go to a Safe Place for emergencies including severe weather such as a tornado, hazardous material spill, building lockdown, or active shooter.

Suggested Designated Safe Place Guidelines:

For Businesses & Churches

Generally a safe place should be an interior room, with a minimum number of entryways (to help control access), and it should accommodate as many people as possible. Examples include a restroom, break room, or conference room. Ideally the room can be locked and secured once all staff is accounted for.

Tip: Maintain a master copy of building blueprints onsite, electronically, and also offsite. Clearly mark all designated Safe Places.

For Homes

A safe place would likely be a basement, or interior room that can accommodate the whole family. This room may also contain emergency supplies such as blankets, first aid kit, food, and extra clothing.

Free Download

Click here to download a free SAFE PLACE door marker. Print the sign for each designated safe place and secure it above the doorway to each location. Laminate each sign for long term use.

Contact DAJ Consulting for help with implementing a disaster recovery plan for your business, church, or family.


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