Just Do It

I’ve worked as a technical writer for more than 17 years. How am I just now at the point where I am creating my own business and becoming my own boss?  It’s time to just do it.

Oddly enough, I am one of the few individuals actually working in my college field of study. I am truly passionate about the written word. I live and breathe by my pen. I simply cannot turn off the part of my brain that immediately notices spelling errors, grammar goofs, and poorly written copy. It drives my husband bananas…

But did you know that I didn’t always want to be a writer?

My first ambition was to be a Veterinarian. And if that dream wasn’t grand enough, I also wanted to work with whales and dolphins as a Marine Biologist. Dream Big right?

I applied to and was accepted at Purdue University and the game plan was set. I was going to first become a Veterinarian taking care of adorable little pups named Snowball and devious kitties named Precious. Then I would move to California and go to school for Marine Biology. From there, I’d travel the world working with the Jacque Cousteau Society and also manage a small Vet Practice in Indianapolis.

However, once I learned the perquisites for entering Purdue’s Vet School, I was a little overwhelmed. Volunteer hours at the Vet clinic left no time for a part time job; and what about time to study? And oh wait…how had I not considered that I couldn’t bear the thought of seeing the insides of little Snowball and Precious? I only wanted to play with and love on them.

Plot Twist.

That first year at Purdue defined my path. To this day I’m still thankful for a very patient and helpful guidance counselor. It took just one English Lit. class and I was hooked on the English language. Every job I’ve held since graduation has provided me the opportunity to hone my skills as a technical writer; creating meaningful documentation to meet a variety of needs.

From pharmaceuticals to insurance, financial institutions to hydraulic cylinders, social media software to learning management systems; I have worked with a wide variety of companies. I love making words matter for businesses that want to change the world.

I do have a dog, two in fact. But neither of them are named Snowball. And I’m seriously allergic to cats.



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